Royal dressmaker thinks Meghan Markle ‘misjudged the role’ of being a royal

Royal dressmaker thinks Meghan Markle ‘misjudged the role’ of being a royal

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle — along with husband Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex — stepped down as a senior royal last year, following a lot of scrutiny and negative press. Ever since then, there have been speculations that relations within the family have gone sour, especially with Harry’s older brother William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This, despite the fact that Harry and Meghan recently reached out to Kate on her birthday, and hope that in 2021, things will look better for the family.

According to a recent report in Insider, royal dressmaker Chloe Savage, who helped make Meghan’s iconic wedding dress, believes that the actor-turned-duchess was not adequately prepared for the pressure that accompanies marrying into the UK royal family and taking on the many roles and responsibilities befitting a royal — especially with the world watching closely.

“I think she misjudged the role. The royal family has broken people before. Kate had plenty of time to adapt and adjust to it. They gave her time, whereas Meghan sort of dived in headfirst,” Savage was quoted as saying.

Before her marriage, Kate Middleton had dated Prince William for eight years. But for Meghan and Harry, the courtship period was short. They announced their engagement just a year after making their relationship public, the outlet mentions, adding that according to Savage, Meghan was not prepared for all the “rules and regulations” required of a British royal.

“It virtually broke Diana. It broke Sarah Ferguson,” she said. “It has broken people before. I know it’s looser now than it used to be, but even then, I don’t think she was prepared for the things she could and couldn’t do, say, and wear.”

“She could have carved herself an outstanding role, but I think she found the whole thing very difficult. She’s always been able to do as she’s pleased when she’s pleased, and unfortunately, with the royal family, granny rules — quite simply.”

Previously, Harry — who is now residing in the US with his family — had discussed the “dangers of unregulated social media use” during an interview with Fast Company. He had mentioned how Meghan’s first-hand experience with the negativity of the digital world, and the harassment they experienced, played a part in their dedication to reform, adding that while they are not active on social media anymore, they may return one day, “when it feels right” to them.


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