Richa Chadha wins ‘unconditional apology’ from actor who made defamatory comments, KRK says ‘won’t make public comments

Richa Chadha wins ‘unconditional apology’ from actor who made defamatory comments, KRK says ‘won’t make public comments

Richa Chadha’s lawsuit against an actor who had made defamatory statements against her publicly has been ’disposed of off’ after the actor agreed to apologize to her. The actor, in her accusations of sexual assault against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, had mentioned the names of three actors — Richa, Huma Qureshi, and Mahie Gill — alleging that he’d said the actors would offer him sexual favors.

Richa had sent the actor a legal notice, demanding damages, an apology, and thus the retraction of her public statements. “Done,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

According to Live Law’s live updates from the Bombay supreme court, the actor issued an ‘unconditional apology to Richa Chadha before the Bombay supreme court within the type of an undertaking and suit is disposed of.’ The suit is kept open against ABN Telugu and Kamaal R Khan, however. they have been granted four weeks’ time to reply. KRK’s lawyer said that he ‘will not make any public comments against Richa on the thought of defamatory remarks and adds that he will make a public statement thereto effect.’
In September, the actor had accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct in an interview to a news channel. therein context, she had mentioned the names of Richa alongside two other actors, claiming that Anurag told her they performed sexual favors for him.

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Two days after the interview, Richa had released a handout, via her lawyer, which had condemned the act of ‘falsely’ dragging Richa’s name into controversies. It had said: “Our Client ‘Ms. Richa Chadha’, condemns the act of her name being unnecessarily and falsely dragged during a derogatory manner into controversies and allegations being recently raised by third parties. Though our Client believes that genuinely wronged women should get justice at the smallest amount costs, there are legislations that are intended to form sure that girls have equal standing in their workplace and to form sure that they have a cordial workplace during which their dignity and self-respect are protected.”
The development comes after a public back-and-forth, during which Richa provided evidence that the actor had agreed to apologize, only for the actor to deny that she had agreed to any such thing. Lauding Richa for her spirit, Taapsee Pannu wrote during a tweet, “Unconditional apology with “certain conditions” apparently. Ab kya bole behen…. but what a fight you found out .” Swara Bhasker commented, “Well done @RichaChadha.”

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