Real Heroes of Mumbai Boost Their Immunity by Unconditional Support From Meyer Vitabiotics

Real Heroes of Mumbai Boost Their Immunity by Unconditional Support From Meyer Vitabiotics

MUMBAI, June 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unleash chaos across the globe, many of us have had the privilege to adjust to a new normal of working from home and staying sheltered. However, this privilege doesn’t extend to everyone. For over 65 days now, the city’s police force comprising of brave men and women have been working day and night to fight the spread of Covid-19. They are at the forefront of this invisible war and is also at the maximum risk of contracting this virus. Building immunity is the need of the hour and in a bid to support the brave Mumbai Police, Meyer Vitabiotics in partnership with Rohit Shelatkar’s Grand Maratha Foundation has come forward to provide them with its Wellman, Wellwoman and Ultra D3 immunity boosting supplements.

CP of Mumbai, Shri Param Bir Singh, Ms. Uma Kalekar, Director, Meyer Vitabiotics, Mr. Rajesh Tawade, Director, Meyer Vitabiotics (PRNewsfoto/Meyer Vitabiotics)

Wellman is scientifically formulated for building immunity and overall well-being of males. On the other hand Wellwoman is specially made to contribute towards female health and immunity. The company will distribute 40000 units of Wellman and 6000 units of Wellwoman immunity boosting supplements. In addition, the company will also be distributing 46000 packs of Ultra D3 vitamin D supplements to the entire force.

Expressing his views Mr. Rohit Shelatkar, Vice-President at Meyer Vitabiotics said, “It gives us immense pleasure to support our Mumbai Police Force who are working day and night to fight this pandemic. Wellman and Wellwoman tablets are scientifically researched and have proven to boost one’s immunity. We want to thank the Mumbai Police Force for their commitment to the cause and extend our care by providing them with our Wellman, Wellwoman and Ultra D3 supplements.”

Meyer Vitabiotics together with the Grand Maratha Foundation humbly support the Mumbai Police Force for their dedication in fighting the pandemic. Truly, they are one of the Real Heroes of Mumbai.

About Meyer Vitabiotics:

Meyer Vitabiotics is part of the UK’s No. 1 Vitamin Company Vitabiotics Ltd, headquartered in London. The organization has proven itself as one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers with a range of pioneering Vitamin and Mineral Supplements available in more than 110 countries. Most prominent products like Wellman, Wellwoman, Ultra D3, Perfectil, Pregnacare, Menopace etc. are all market leading supplements in their respective segments. Meyer Vitabiotics is committed to excel in human health care, research and providing Nutrition Supplements for all age groups. At Meyer Vitabiotics high emphasis has always been laid on improving the production technology, safety and environment protection in production system.

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