Ready to talk to those who are against us on farm issues’: PM Modi’s top quotes

Ready to talk to those who are against us on farm issues’: PM Modi’s top quotes

Training his gun at the opposition parties for dishonorable farmers international organisation agency ar whiney against the new three farm laws for the past four weeks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi same he has no draw back with parties doing politics. but don’t mislead farmers, he urged. This was BJP’s latest stretch programme amid the continued farmers’ protest that’s a lot of from the thaw. What PM Modi and completely different Union ministers area unit language for the past few days were echoed in PM Modi’s speech on Fri. but there was loads of as Prime Minister Narendra Modi same the government is ready to talk to folks that ar against the government.

Here ar the very best quotes from PM Modi’s speech:

‘Talks ought to be supported issues,facts and logic’

we’ve got their written statement. but presently they have changed their stance. One leader is dishonorable people. He doesn’t even believe democracy. He has connections abroad likewise. Can’t even say things he has been language. but despite all this, i am language this with humility that the we tend to tend to area unit able to discuss the issue of farmers with folks that area unit against U.S. too but the discussion should be supported issues, facts and logic,” PM Modi same.

‘We have open mind’

that is but democracy works. we tend to tend to area unit able to address all issues in associate open mind,” PM Modi same.

‘Direct profit transfer’

Remembering Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his birth day of remembrance, PM Modi on Fri same the farm laws area unit in a {very} very approach galvanized by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. i am glad that we tend to tend to area unit
having the power to substantiate direct profit transfer. there isn’t any middleman between the government and so the beneficiaries,” PM Modi same.

‘West geographic area depriving farmers’

this is {often|this can be} often my regret. The regime is obstructing the theme for its political interest. If you listen Mamata Banerjee’s speech chemical analysis fifteen years back, then everything becomes clear,” PM Modi same.

‘Farmers have replied through ballot box’

they need lost political relevance. they have lost the recent elections in placed where they are supporting the farmers’ protest,” PM Modi same.

‘Why can Kerala haven’t got any mandi system?’

If mandi and APMC area unit so wise, then why Kerala does not have these?” PM Modi same.

‘Demand has changed’
Initially, the demand was MSP,. that’s while they are farmers. but presently there aredemands of cathartic some people from the jail. There area unit demands to make highways toll free,” PM Modi same.

‘Sell your product anywhere at intervals the country’

“Farmers area unit getting to be able to sell their product anywhere at intervals the country, hear conifer State painstakingly. If you want to sell at MSP, you may sell. If you want to sell at mandis, you may do that. If you want to sell on-line, the new laws empower farmers to undertake to to it too,” PM Modi same.


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