Pregnant women can take Corona Vaccine: Health ministry

Pregnant women can take Corona Vaccine: Health ministry

Corona Vaccine Latest Updates: The only word either u can only way to protect the third wave of the corona. Corona Vaccine Latest Updates, From the 1st June, vaccination was started for the age of 18-44, people enthusiastically participate in this vaccination programme but the question is –

Is it safe for pregnant women to take the vaccine?

Yes, according to the experts it is totally safe for pregnant women to take the vaccine at any time during pregnancy.
No harmful side effects of the vaccine for pregnant women and for baby.

Both are totally safe, after vaccination you feel mild fever and after some time feel some pain in your hand. These are the normal side effects that everyone can face after vaccination No serious side effect.

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Rumours about vaccination

Many rumours about vaccination especially for pregnant women, if she takes vaccine it may cause harm to her and child. These rumours are totally wrong, According to the expert reports, it was proved that vaccine does not cause any harm to pregnant women. She feels more safe and secure after vaccination.

Health ministry statement – Corona Vaccine

The Ministry of Health has given the guideline that vaccine can be given to pregnant women. Vaccination is useful and good for pregnant women and it should be given: Dr Balram Bhargava, DG, ICMR.

This is a great step taken by the government for women’s because they scared about their health and the vaccine is safe for their child or not. But after the clarification of the health ministry.

The vaccine is useful for pregnant women, Everywomen should take the vaccine.

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