Pankaj Tripathi on Kaagaz: ‘No one would have thought that a plain-looking guy like me could be lead actor of any film’

Pankaj Tripathi on Kaagaz: ‘No one would have thought that a plain-looking guy like me could be lead actor of any film’

Actor Pankaj Tripathi could have a career as a life coach, got to he ever want switch fields. However, for North American country movie lovers’ sake, we tend to hope he doesn’t. Pankaj, WHO has created a reputation for himself as Bollywood’s sweetest begetter and conjointly its most sinister crook, says he’s a content man WHO is aware of the way to be pleased with no matter he has.

Pankaj can currently be seen because of the solo lead of an associate future film titled Kaagaz. A lead role could have come when a protracted time within the industry for Pankaj however he didn’t feel ‘restless’ in his need for it. lecture countryside Times, Pankaj same, “Main santush jeev hu (I am a content man). I’m glad about what I even have. I don’t worry regarding it an excessive amount of. Of course, everybody desires to understand life, be in a far better position than they’re in life. however, I’m glad where I’m. Chahat zaroor thi lekin bechaini nahi thi (I did need it however it didn’t build ME restless),” he said.

But having finally landed a movie of his own, Pankaj couldn’t be plenty excited. once he created his entry into the industry nearly twenty years agone, he didn’t expect that somebody WHO ‘looked like him’ may build it huge as a hero in the film industry. “It’s a hero-centric society right? we tend to like heros, worship them, copy them. and also the hero of this film is Lal Bihari. I ne’er came to Bombay to be a hero, I came here to act and follow my passion. I had ne’er thought that sometime there’ll be a movie during which i’ll play the lead. as a results of as early as sixteen years agone (we came here in 2004), nobody would have thought that a 45-year-old man, a plain-looking guy like ME, are often the lead actor thus once this issue happened 2 years agone, I got excited regarding the prospect,” he said.

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I tell the author to inform ME solely but plenty of that my character is aware of. as an example, in shows like Mirzapur or any of my series, I ne’er recognize the whole story. however here (in Kaagaz), my character is aware of everything as a result of it’s his story,” he added.

It tells his struggles and challenges as he fights against the unfair forms to prove himself alive. once asked if he remembers any instance from his own life once he had to face similar troubles, he said, “I bear in mind I created a mistake . Wrote my cognomen wrong. My father’s name is Tiwari however I wrote Tripathi in school ten. By myself. Usko correct karane mein humare paseene nikal gae the (Getting that corrected was a huge task). Took nearly half-dozen months to a year. thus it happens fairly often .

Kaagaz releases on Zee5 on January 7, 2021.

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