Olympian hurdler Jagmohan, who introduced scientific training methods dies

Olympian hurdler Jagmohan, who introduced scientific training methods dies

Olympian athlete and multi-faceted sports temperament Jagmohan Singh, UN agency introduced scientific fitness coaching strategies in athletics and different sports throughout his long stint at the NIS-Patiala, died of coronary failure here on Tuesday.

He was 88.

Jagmohan, UN agency had additionally served as joint director general of Sports Authority of Asian nation, delineated the country in 110m hurdles within the 1960 Rome athletic contest. He was the national champion during this event from 1958 to 1960.

He additionally had command national records in 110m hurdles and athletic contest.

Not solely he was a high contestant of his time, Jagmohan had served Indian sport as teacher, coach, administrator and physical trainer.

“Jagmohan was a pioneer in Indian sports. He introduced scientific coaching strategies, particularly in athletics, however additionally in hockey and athletics. He was a really active man even at his maturity. Recently he sent Pine Tree State analysis papers,” Lalit Bhanot, UN agency had served as secretary of the Athletics Federation of Asian nation for a protracted time, said.

After finishing his B.Sc. degree, Jagmohan served in geographic area Police for nearly ten years before connection NIS Patiala as an educator in 1962. He passed then Amateur Athletics Federation of India’s employment course in 1956.

He became Dean Teaching at SAI and was with the NIS Patiala until 1990. He additionally served as Director Sports at Punjabi University from 1990 to 1993.

In 1965, Jagmohan did a specialisation course in good shape and Sports learning from the University of European nation in Cologne. once arriving from European nation, he introduced scientific coaching strategies within the NIS courses and educated trainees on this subject.

He trained sprinters and hurdlers within the national camp for nearly twenty years and was chief athletics coach within the 1966 Commonwealth Games and 1975 Asian Athletics Championships.

Beyond athletics, he was created fitness/physical learning coach of the Indian team in 1973. it absolutely was Jagmohan UN agency introduced physical learning on scientific lines in Indian hockey. He attended the Indian team within the 1976 Montreal athletic contest during this capability.

Jagmohan additionally became a physical learning consultant of the athletics Federation of Asian nation in 2001.


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