NXT UK Result: Full show results, highlights, recap and more – 22/04

NXT UK Result: Full show results, highlights, recap and more – 22/04

The intro is followed by the obligatory welcome from commentators Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness.

1. Match
Joe Coffey defeated Eddie Dennis after the All the Best for the Bells Lariat – when Joe Coffey stopped Eddie Dennis at the Boston Crab, T-Bone & Primate wanted to distract him, so Mark Coffey and Wolfgang showed up and engaged in a brawl with T-Bone & Primate

After the match: The teams continue their brawl. In the end, Gallus can assert himself. Both teams star down.

Video: Ilja Dragunov watches his match against WALTER. Dragunov starts up just by looking at it.

Video: Gallus are very satisfied with tonight. Rampage Brown meets Joe Coffey and they both talk about a future rematch.

2. Match
Sam Gradwell defeated Dave Mastiff after a Michinoku Driver

Video: Aoife Valkyrie talks about her next week’s opponent Meiko Satomura.

In the next video, Emilia McKenzie introduces herself and talks about her goals here at WWE NXT UK.

3. Match
Jinny (w / Joseph Conners) defeated Dani Luna via rollup – before Joseph Conners distracted Dani Luna from the apron

After the match: Jinny continues to beat Dani Luna until Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews rush to help and Jinny and drive out Conners.

Video: Sid Scala is in his office talking about the match between Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams. Jordan interrupts the GM because he wants to get a rematch against Kenny Williams. Williams had already given his okay. Scala adds another stipulation to the argument: Both will play a NoDQ match. In addition, according to Williams, the loser will have to leave WWE NXT UK. Jordan thinks for a moment before signing the contract.

Rohan Raja will make his NXT UK debut next week, playing against Teoman.

Video: Teoman promises victory over Rohan Raja.

Also confirmed for next week’s WWE NXT UK:

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Primate, Eddie Dennis & T-Bone vs. Gallus

Now it’s time for the main event.

4. Match
Tag Team Match
Mustache Mountain: Tyler Bate & Trent Seven defeated Noam Dar & Sha Samuels after the Assisted Burning Hammer against Samuels

Mustache Mountain celebrate their victory. That ends the show.

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