New timetable for passenger trains may scrap 600 mail and express trains, do away with 10,200 halts

New timetable for passenger trains may scrap 600 mail and express trains, do away with 10,200 halts

The “zero-based” timetable for all passenger trains, which is perhaps getting to ascertain many firsts including the dropping off nearly 600 mail/express trains and doing away with about 10,200 halts including night halts, would be notified within the subsequent few months.


As per the plan, around 360 passenger trains would be upgraded as mail/express trains and 120 mail/ express trains would be upgraded to the category of the superfast train. Sources said the railway ministry is finalizing the plan and would be notified soon.

Railway board CEO and chairman V K Yadav told reporters on Thursday that the new system will start as and when the national transporter resumes normal operation of trains. “I cannot provide a selected timeline now of some time because of the continuing Covid situation. it’ll depend on once we resume the normal services,” he added.

TOI on July 5 had first reported how the new system would end during a reduction in the number of passenger trains and halts. this alteration also will mean the schedule and frequency of all earlier time-tabled passenger trains are getting to be rewritten. Yadav had told TOI on July 15 that the plan being prepared with the help of IIT, Mumbai was also aimed toward introducing the concept of “dedicated corridor” or exclusive time slots for operating freight trains and also for maintenance.


The new initiative is perhaps getting to assist improve the railways’ financial health as there will be significant cuts within the expenses. The railways are making huge losses on account of the passenger segment and thus the national transporter has been frantically trying to reinforce its revenue.

Sources said the railways would also do away with the practice of link express train service, which is additionally mentioned as slip coaches or sectional carriages. These coaches are detached from the train at a station on because of its destination and these are later re-attached to a special train to need the passengers to their destination. The railways decided to run separate trains rather than continuing the link service.

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Another major highlight of the zero-based timetable would be a change within the departure and time of arrival of trains. Officials said the most target is getting to be to avoid odd hours like late within the dark which causes huge inconvenience to passengers and visitors.

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