Navy’s fifth Scorpene-class submarine Vagir launched

Navy’s fifth Scorpene-class submarine Vagir launched

Navy’s fifth Scorpene-class submarine Vagir, having superior concealing options just like the advanced acoustic absorption technique, was launched on Thursday at the Mazagon Dock in south Mumbai.

Vijaya, partner of Minister of State for Defence Shripad Naik, launched the submarine through video-conferencing. The minister was the chief guest at the event and attended it via video link from state.

Vagir is a component of the six Kalvari-class submarines being in-built Asian nation. The submarines, designed by French military service defence and energy company DCNS, square measure being engineered as a part of the Navy’s Project-75.

These submarines will undertake missions like anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, mine giving birth, and space police work, a politician aforementioned.

Vagir is known as when the Sand Fish, a deadly deep ocean predator of the ocean. the primary Vagir, a submarine from Russia, was commissioned into the Indian Navy on December three, 1973, and was decommissioned on June seven, 2001 when nearly 3 decades of service to the state.

“Building the Scorpene was so a challenge for MDL, because the quality of the only of tasks magnified exponentially thanks to all work having to be exhausted the foremost full of areas,” MDL aforementioned in a very unleash.

“The state-of-art technology utilized in the submarine has ensured superior concealing options like advanced acoustic absorption techniques, low radiated noise levels, and hydro-dynamically optimised form and conjointly the power to attack the enemy victimization precision- radio-controlled weapons,” the discharge aforementioned.

The attack may be launched with each torpedoes and tube-launched anti-ship missiles, while underwater or on surface, MDL said. “The concealing of this potent platform is increased by the special attention to her characteristic underwater signatures. These concealing options provides it associate invulnerability, unmatched by most submarines,” it said.

The submarine is meant to control all told theatres of operation, showcasing ability with different elements of a military service Task Force, MDL said.

“With the launching of Vagir, Asian nation additional cements its position as a submarine building nation. this can be in adjust with the present impetus of the govt. towards build in Asian nation and Atma Nirbhar Republic of India,” MDL said.

Two submarines of the continued Project-75 Scorpene programme at MDL, Kalvari and Khanderi, are commissioned into the Indian Navy. The third submarine, Karanj, is within the last section of rigorous ocean trials. The fourth Scorpene, Vela, has commenced her ocean trials, while the sixth and last submarine, Vagsheer, is being readied for boot along.

“Two SSK submarines engineered by MDL throughout 1992-94 square measure in active service, that may be a testimony to the expertness and capability of Mazagon Dock personnel,” it said. PTI


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