Namibia Delegation arrives in UAE to Highlight key Tourism Attractions

Namibia Delegation arrives in UAE to Highlight key Tourism Attractions

DUBAI, UAE: As the Tourism and hospitality industry recovers, Namibia is looking to showcase the country’s unique attractions and heritage with a high-level government and tourism delegation visiting the UAE to communicate and engage with partners, media, and agents about the travel opportunities offered by Namibia as well as strengthen crucial relationships.

Led by Hon. Pohamba Shifeta, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, and Mr. Digu Naobeb, CEO of Namibia Tourism Board, the delegation reinforces the country’s alluring attractions as a must-see tourist destination nestled along the southwestern coast of the African continent with a large land surface, known for clear blue skies and sunshine, unpolluted air, memorable wildlife encounters and the best destination for stargazing.

A land of remarkable contrasts, with breathtaking views, desert landscapes, woodlands, and waterways, the delegation will highlight the best places to visit and the destination’s positive, social, economic, and environmental approach for the tourism industry that meets the needs of travelers from different backgrounds.

Hon. Pohamba Shifeta, Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism said, “We are delighted to share our new developments for tourism and efforts to help rebuild trust in travel and showcase our country’s appeal to potential visitors around the globe. We are in the UAE to highlight our country’s strengths and offer a short glimpse into our culture and our common interests, as we have a lot to offer in terms of exceptional service and experiences”

Mr. Digu Naobeb, CEO of Namibia Tourism Board, said, “The pandemic put a reset on where people go and what they do, focusing on wellbeing, seeking space and opportunities to reconnect with nature. We offer the perfect fit for the kind of traveler seeking these experiences and we would like to be at the forefront of their mind when they look for new adventures and destinations.”

During the presentation, the delegation, which consisted of Namibia’s finest tourist operators with travel packages on offer, spoke about the country’s opportunities first-hand and highlighted that getting to Namibia is easier than ever with flights via Cape Town and Johannesburg.

A promising destination, the essence of Namibia undeniably lies in its people, their warmth, culture, history, and gastronomy. The economy is based on agriculture, fishing, mining, and tourism. Similar to the UAE, Namibia has seven cluster regions with infinite opportunities and diversity and remains one of the most beautiful countries worldwide with a kaleidoscope of activities and adventures for tourists.

The Top attractions presented include Fish River Canyon, Etosha National Park, Skeleton Coast, Damaraland & Kaokoland, Namib-Naukluft Park, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, Kavango and Zambezi, the Kalahari Desert, Sperrgebiet National Park and Spitzkoppe. Namibia hopes to reignite the world of travel with an exceptional range of experiences, diverse culture, cuisine, music, and more.

Caption for group pic: Minister Pohamba Shifeta, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism with Namibian delegates, Marco Polo Holidays MD, Kunaal Nanik, and Ghadeer from Limelight Media.

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