Mumbai: Missing for 14 days, COVID patient found dead in hospital toilet

Mumbai: Missing for 14 days, COVID patient found dead in hospital toilet

The body of a 27-year-old TB patient UN agency had tested positive for Covid-19 was found during abathroom in TB Hospital, Sewri, fourteen days once he went missing.

The body had gone unperceived for fourteen days despite the fact that the block bogsarspeculated to be oftencleansed and were getting used by different patients. The BMC has ordered a high-level inquiry and issued notice to a minimum offorty hospital staffers UN agency worked within the ward.

The body was therefore badly rottenthat originally, the hospital couldn’tdetermine the gender of the person. They looked into their records and located a 27-year-old patient, named Suryabhan Yadav, missing from an equivalent ward since Octfour. “We had filed a missing report then. howeverit’s common for TB patients to travel absconding from hospital,” aforementioned Superintendent Dr Lalitkumar Anande.

Yadav had come back to the hospital with a positive Covid-19 positive on Septhirty, once being referred by a medical official in Goregaon. A doctor from the hospital aforementioned Yadav failed toprovide his correct address whereasobtaining admitted. The hospital has eleven Covid positive patients. Yadav was unbroken on the first-floor ward for male patients. it’ssuspected that on Octfour he visitedthe bathroom and foldedthanks toSOB.

Hospital management aforementioned no patient or staff member complained of a foul smell tillOcteighteenonce a ward boy accomplishedone among the 3latched cubicles was stinking. He climbed within the next cubicle to appear over the wall and locateda dullkind on the bathroom floor. The hospital then knowing police and sent the body to KEM hospital for a post-mortem, they said.

When asked why no staffer discovered the latched cubicle whereascleansing, Anande aforementioned, “The bogsarcleansed thrice during a day. generallyit’s occupied by patients that the cleaner goes away. however patients use those bogsoften, and may have smelt the body. we’ve got issued notices to all or any staffers on duty in ward,” Anande aforementioned.

One of the doctor’s at the hospital aforementioned the employees is apprehensive of getting into the Covid-care ward. once a missing report was filed, a police official aforementioned they conjointlyshunnedgetting into the ward or checking the bogsbecause it was a Covid ward.

Dr Harish Pathak, head of rhetorical department at KEM hospital, aforementioned Yadav died thanks to natural causes.

Senior police inspector Sunil Sohoni of RAK Marg stationaforementioned, “We candecision hospital staffers for questioning to knowhowever this happened. we tend to initiated associate investigation to work out if there’s any evil.”


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