“Maybe They Think All’s Well”: Kapil Sibal vs Congress Again, After Polls

“Maybe They Think All’s Well”: Kapil Sibal vs Congress Again, After Polls

Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal same the “time for rumination is over” for the Congress. (File)

New Delhi: when the state election exposed the Congress because the weakest link in AN opposition that place up a powerful fight, a prime leader has gone public together with his critique of the party leadership and demanded “experienced minds, old hands and people UN agency perceive political realities” to revive the organisation. Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal, in his unfiltered critique of the leadership, has additionally same the “time for rumination is over”.
“… we’d like to try and do many things at many levels – organisationally, articulation within the media in no matter type, swing up people that the individuals need to pay attention to, providing a vigorous, thoughtful leadership UN agency will articulate with tons of circumspection,” Kapil Sibal told the Indian specific newspaper. Congress men, he said, “must acknowledge that we have a tendency to area unit in decline”.

Referring to the Congress’s abysmal performance in state also as bypolls across the country, together with in states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh wherever the party continues to be a powerful force, Mr Sibal said: “Where we have a tendency to were another the individuals of that state haven’t reposed their confidence within the Congress within the manner expected by USA. that the time for rumination is over. we all know the answers. The Congress should be brave and willing to recognise them.”

Mr Sibal was one amongst the twenty three Congress leaders behind the “dissent letter” that caused AN complete clash among the party in August however yielded little or no by method of actual changes besides the downgrading of key letter writers.

“Since there has been no dialogue and there appears to be no effort for a dialogue by the leadership and since there’s no forum to precise my views, i’m strained to precise them publically. i’m a representative and can stay a representative and hope and pray that the Congress provides the choice to an influence structure that has subverted all the values that the state stands for,” Mr Sibal same within the interview.

Giving his prescription for an entire do-over, the senior Congress leader said: “First we’ve got to possess a conversation; with old minds, old hands, with people that perceive the political realities of Bharat, people that understand what and the way to articulate within the media, people that shrewdness to induce individuals to pay attention to them… we’d like alliances, we’d like to achieve intent on individuals. we have a tendency to cannot any longer expect individuals to come back to USA. we have a tendency to aren’t the sort of force that we have a tendency to accustomed be. we’d like to achieve intent on others by those that area unit old during this business. however so as to try and do that we’ve got to possess a spoken language.”

On whether or not the leadership was taking the state defeat like “business as usual”, Mr Sibal said: “I haven’t detected the leadership tell Maine something. thus i do not understand. I solely hear voices that surround the leadership… we have a tendency to area unit nevertheless to listen to from the Congress party their views on our recent performance in state and within the by-elections. perhaps they suppose all is well which it ought to be business as was common.”

In last week’s state election results, the opposition won one hundred ten seats, a dozen in need of the bulk mark within the 243-member assembly. Tejashwi Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata decalitre (RJD) emerged because the largest party however the Congress, that oppose seventy seats however won solely nineteen, is seen to possess dragged the opposition’s tally down. Even the smaller Left parties force their weight.

A prime RJD leader, Shivanand Tiwari, referred to as the Congress a burden on the opposition Mahagathbandhan. “They had fielded seventy candidates however did not hold even seventy public rallies. Rahul Gandhi came for 3 days, Priyanka (Gandhi Vadra) did not come back, those that were unfamiliar state came here. this can be not right,” Mr Tiwari told news organization cuckoo. He value-added scathingly: “Elections were fully swing here and Rahul Gandhi was having a picnic at Priyanka ji’s house in Shimla. is that the party run like that?”


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