Malaysian couple host massive drive-through wedding with 10,000 guests

Malaysian couple host massive drive-through wedding with 10,000 guests

While many couples have chosen to need drive-through weddings due to the pandemic, a Malaysian couple created headlines once their ceremony featured degree derived 10,000 guests in cars.
Thousands of people attended a wedding reception of a former minister’s son in Putrajaya whereas not stepping out of their vehicles, to adapt Covid-19 health protocols.
The guests simply waved and drove past the event’s hosts, Putrajaya MP Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, his wife, his son Tengku Muhammed Hafiz Tengku Adnan, and his bride Oceane Cyril Alagia, the Bernama news organization reportable.
The influential politician and former cabinet minister proudly shared photos of the numerous cars driving by on his official Facebook page.
“Thank you all for understanding and adhering to any or all procedures created by drive-thru event whereas not getting out of the vehicle. My family which I unit really grateful and appreciate all of your support,” he wrote on-line.
According to The Straits Times, the family created a special stage before the Palace of Justice, the foremost court difficult in Putrajaya, where the newlyweds Sabbatum in ancient attire to wave to guests.
“The drive-through conception was my father’s set up. He required my wedding to be celebrated by all the oldsters in Putrajaya as they are to boot my family as I grew up here,” the bridegroom told Daily Star.
According to BBC News, it took nearly three hours for all the guests’ cars to go through the foremost street.
A day once the grand celebration the politician was found guilty terribly} very $500,000 (£370,000) corruption case and sentenced to a fine and twelve months in jail, the report aforesaid.
Earlier, AN degree Indian-origin couple among Britain had created headlines after they hosted a facility reception for around 250 guests.


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