Madhya Pradesh cabinet approves Dharma Swatantrya (Religious Freedom) Bill 2020

Madhya Pradesh cabinet approves Dharma Swatantrya (Religious Freedom) Bill 2020

Madhya Pradesh cabinet on Sabbatum approved the divinity Swatantrya (Religious Freedom) Bill 2020. The controversial ordinance outlaws weddings with Associate in Nursing aim of spiritual conversions. “Under the new Bill, forcing non secular conversion on someone will attract 1-5 years of imprisonment and a minimum Rs25,000 fine,” same state home minister Narottam Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, whereas batting for the bill, had referred to as it his government’s Beti Bachao Abhiyan or save no one are attending to be able to convert anyone from one religion to a unique through wedding or “any different dishonest means by seducing or discouraging anyone” if the bill was passed, he “Government belongs to everybody, all religions and castes. there is not any discrimination but if someone tries to do to to one thing foul with our daughters, then I’ll break you,” the chief minister had superimposed. This approval comes once Uttar Pradesh’s governor’s assent to the UP Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of religion Ordinance, 2020, against forceful or dishonest non secular conversions Section 3 of the bill states anyone found guilty of instigation to religious conversion shall face imprisonment of one to five years and a fine of arrange to hide one’s religion are attending to be punishable by imprisonment of three to 10 years and a fine of a minimum of Rs fifty,000. If a minor or a girl from regular Tribe and regular Caste categories is forced into conversion, the wrongdoer are imprisoned for two to ten years and punished up to Rs Blood relatives of victims of such spiritual conversion can file a criticism, Provision for the imprisonment of five to ten years and fine of a minimum of Rs a 10,000 is being created for creating a trial mass non secular conversion.


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