Lamborghini becomes 1st super sports car maker to join TikTok, may target Gen Z

Lamborghini becomes 1st super sports car maker to join TikTok, may target Gen Z

Automobili Lamborghini has become the primary luxury sports maker within the trade to affix TikTok – a platform targeted at info Z and millennials for the creation and sharing of short and funny videos.

Lamborghini has created its official profile – @lamborghiniofficial, for this social network. The company’s initial ever TikTok video reached three million views in exactly one weekend with twenty seventh engagement. The carmaker’s call to affix a platform like TikTok drives forward its strategy of involving young audience through Associate in Nursing uncommon, fun, engaging, and fun manner of telling the story of the whole.

Lamborghini says its TikTok channel are the place wherever kids can study the whole in an exceedingly additional ‘fun’ manner. Content style and development of the brand’s official TikTok page also will draw on the contribution of some creators. However, the maker can continue keeping its positioning as Associate in Nursing innovative and stylish whole, it says.
Lamborghini encompasses a robust presence on social media and thru its engagement with enthusiasts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, the whole has seen a invasive following.

Lamborghini ranks at the highest of the list of the foremost common luxury super sports automotive brands on Instagram. it’s one in all the foremost triple-crown social networks of the maker wherever its followers have full-grown from twenty three million to twenty-eight million in exactly one year. On Facebook, the whole has twelve.9 million followers, and on YouTube the quantity of enthusiasts has full-grown from one.1 million to this one.6 million.


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