Keeping disability on one side, disability cricketers showed their talent

Keeping disability on one side, disability cricketers showed their talent

Keeping disability on one side, disability cricketers showed their talent-

Under the aegis of Divyang Cricket Control Board of India, Divyang Cricket Association of Madhya Pradesh with the corporation of the organizing committee and Ratnesh Pandey Foundation organized the first National Divyang Cricket Tournament at the sports ground of Ramakrishna Group of Institute Satna, Madhya Pradesh. Sandeep Rajak Disability Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh, Uttam Banerjee Senior Social Worker, Dr. Sanjay Maheshwari Director Birla Hospital, Ishwar Pandey International Cricketer, Rajesh Kaila the senior player and hospitality competent organization played the role of co-sponsor.

Disability Cricket Teams from four states of the country in which team Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh participated in the three-day competition which lasted till December 17, 18 and 19.  In all the teams, 70 players of national and international level showed their talent. The biggest feature of the competition is that the match referees, umpires, scorers and groundsmen were all handicapped and were performing their tasks efficiently.

The sight of the playground was liberating as well as thrilling. Physically handicapped but strong players of determination, some were bowling with the feet, some were smacking the bowlers with one hand and some were showing miracles in the fielding. A total of 5 matches were played in the tournament. International umpires Nagendra Singh, Yogesh Shinde and Mohsin Khan officiated in all matches.

The final match was played between Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat in which Gujarat won the toss and decided to bat first and set a great target of 145 runs in 20 overs. In response, the Jammu and Kashmir team, which won the hearts of all the spectators and the organizers with their brilliant performance during the entire tournament, scored only 102 runs, ₹41000 to the winning Gujarat team, ₹31000 to the runner-up Jammu and Kashmir team, and ₹15000 to the Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh team prize money was distributed.

To see this match, spectators from far places had reached the stronghold of Satna, one of whom was the Microsoft company official, who had come a long way from Bangalore to watch the final match of Divyangjan Cricket after traveling a long distance of 3000 kms.


On this occasion, Ghazal Khan, CEO of DCCBI said that it is this power in these differently abled players that fascinates the spectators from far places and makes them come on the field to watch the match. The Divyang Cricket Control Board of India is making continuous efforts since 2007 that these disabled players should also be given the same respect and recognition that normal players get and the same platform should be given to them to show their talent, which normal players get. Due to the marvelous efforts of DCCBI, many cricket tournaments have been successfully organized in the country and abroad. It is a matter of pride that so far with the successful efforts of the Divyang Cricket Control Board of India, Indian cricket team for the Physically Challenged has played 96 international cricket matches in different countries across the world, out of which 85 matches have been won. If this cricket also gets the same help from the corporate sector as normal cricket gets, then surely these players will get a good platform and there will be a lot of good change will be seen in this cricket.

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