Its online site still up, banned Jaish threatens French President, cites examples from Pak

Its online site still up, banned Jaish threatens French President, cites examples from Pak

Calling Emmanuel diacritical mark a “blasphemer”, the UN-designated terror cluster Jaish-e-Mohammed has warned the French President and “others like him” that they’ll be targeted by those able to be “sacrificed for the honour of the Prophet”.

In associate degree unsigned article on the web site of its on-line journal Al Qalam, the Jaish aforesaid “if not these days then tomorrow, if not tomorrow then day after” there’ll be “some Abdullah Checheni (the Chechen youth World Health Organization killed a tutor in Paris last month), Mumtaz Qadri (who killed Pakistani politician Salman Taseer in 2011), and Ghazi Khalid (who shot dead Tahir Ahmed Naseem, an Ahmedi, in a very Asian country room wherever Naseem was being tried for alleged blasphemy in July this year).”

Headlined ‘Muslims: Sacrifice for the Honour of the Prophet’, the article declared that “if somebody commits the sin of blasphemy, it offers birth to the Abdullah kind of young men… no Muslim can permit you to burn the sacred text or blaspheme against the Prophet”.

Macron’s sturdy expression of support for the publication of the Prophet cartoons has triggered protests in Asian country, with large crowds gathering in city underneath the leadership of Barelvi Sunni sermonizer Khadim Hussain Rizvi, and have set blockade to the most road to capital of Pakistan.

The Deobandi Jaish-i-Mohammed and its leader Masood Azhar ar selected terrorist entities by the international organization council, underneath its Resolution 1267. Pakistan’s National Counter act of terrorism Authority lists Jaish-i-Mohammed as a tabu organisation.

However, Al Qalam, the web web site of its publication of a similar name, continues to be out there. The date on the most page of the web site is could 2019, however the articles in it ar being updated often on a page known as Madina Madina.

The essay that mentions diacritical mark is that the latest update in Madina Madina, and is unsigned.

An earlier essay — dated Oct twenty two, it had been signed by “Amir e Mohatram (emir of the land)”, however carried no name — spoke of Israel, Kashmir and Afghanistan because the “three questions”. It aforesaid the ‘special status” was the “fraud toffee” that the Indian government place within the mouths of Kashmiris of these years, however that “illusion has ended”.

It known as Afghanistan “jihad’s biggest factory”, and a “blessing for the word of Islam”, the place “where 3 superpowers are defeated… that gave lightweight to the jihad in Kashmir”. It conjointly created a relation to Bharat and China being “on the brink of war” and aforesaid America’s days as a country are over.


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