It’s BJP vs SAD after Akal Takht Jathedar suggests 2019 Lok Sabha polls were rigged

It’s BJP vs SAD after Akal Takht Jathedar suggests 2019 Lok Sabha polls were rigged

A contemporary row has erupted between the BJP and therefore the Shiromani Akali decalitre over the former’s sharp reaction to Akal Takht Jathedar’s statement suggesting that the 2019 Lok Sabha polls were lateen.

Harpreet Singh, Akal Takht Jathedar, addressing a gathering in Golden Temple complicated, Amritsar. apsis photo: Vishal Kumar
Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh had aforesaid that AN “EVM government was ruling the country”.

Senior BJP leader Harjeet Singh Grewal known as Singh “an employee” of a political family and termed him “mentally ill”. Grewal aforesaid the Jathedar had no business creating political statements or line of work a democratically-elected government AN “EVM government”.

The Shiromani Akali decalitre has termed the BJP’s statement as “a dangerous and new attack on the temporal seat of the Sikhs”.

“Such provocative statements will hurt the law and order scenario,” aforesaid unhappy exponent Dr Daljeet Singh Cheema in an exceedingly video message.

Dr Cheema aforesaid Jathedar had talked regarding forces that were attempting to weaken the Sikh Panth and people forces stand exposed.

‘Irresponsible remarks’

The unhappy asked its former ally BJP to require note of the irresponsible utterances being created against Sri Akal Takth Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh and make sure the honour of the top of the Sikh community’s highest temporal seat wasn’t undermined in any manner.

Taking robust notice of Grewal’s outburst, unhappy senior vice-president Daljit Singh Cheema aforesaid it had been unfortunate that the previous had not solely abused the Singh Sahab UN agency spoken regarding the challenged being long-faced by the Sikh community at the historic one hundred year celebration of the SGPC at Sri Amritsar European on Tuesday, however had conjointly hurt the emotions of the Sikh community worldwide.

“The BJP central leadership ought to rebuff adult male Harjit Grewal instantly and therefore the latter ought to take back his utterances and make an apology for the same”.

Cheema aforesaid it had been surprising that the State BJP leader had dangerous mouthed the Singh Sahab UN agency had had solely created the Sikh community alert to anti-Sikh forces UN agency were hanging against its principles, spiritual places and establishments.

“It looks adult male Harjit Grewal feels he’s the perpetrator and has solely exposed himself by his utterances”.

Stating that Grewal or alternative BJP leaders shouldn’t try and withstand the Sri Akal Takth that was the supreme temporal and non secular seat of the Sikhs, the unhappy leader wholeheartedly welcome the address given by the Singh at the  gathering on Tuesday.

He aforesaid the Sri Akal Takth Jathedar had earned the respect of the complete community by speaking up for minorities and light however sequent central governments had tried to interrupt the SGPC.

“He has created the Sikh panth aware that such efforts ar afoot once more which it ought to face them unitedly”. He aforesaid the Singh European had spoken with authority and given historical references in his speech to inform the ‘sangat’ regarding the fantastic history of the SGPC.

“Moreover Singh European has justly mentioned that the conception of ‘Miri -Piri that symbolised worldly and non secular authority was a part of the Sikh tradition and would stay thus. there’s no reason for anyone to be flustered by this. Instead everybody ought to offer due relation to the Singh Sahab yet because the seat he represents”, Cheema value-added.


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