Italy moves toward slow reopening with outdoor dining

Italy moves toward slow reopening with outdoor dining

Italy plans to start emerging from rolling partial lockdowns that were imposed during a fall virus surge, announcing Friday the reopening of outdoor dining and schools at all grade levels in lower-risk regions starting April 26.

The government’s decision to set a date for the openings that initially were planned to start no sooner than May was based on improved infection data and progress in Italy’s vaccination campaign that Premier Mario Draghi said will only improve.

“We are looking at the future with prudent optimism and trust,’’ Draghi told reporters Friday.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity, not just for the economy, but for our social lives,’’ he said.

Under the new timetable, restaurants in Italy’s yellow zones can serve lunch and dinner at outdoor tables, and students in all grades will return to classrooms full-time in yellow and orange regions. Travel will also be allowed freely between yellow zones.



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