Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, met crown prince

Israeli PM flew to Saudi Arabia, met crown prince

Israeli media according weekday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Asian country for a undercover meeting with prince Muhammad bin Salman, which might mark the primary renowned encounter between senior Israeli and Saudi officers.

Hebrew-language media cited Associate in Nursing unknown Israeli official as speech that Netanyahu and Yossi Cohen, head of Israel’s international intelligence agency spy agency, flew to the Saudi town of Neom on Sunday, wherever they met with the prince. The patrician was there for talks with visiting U.S. Secretary of State microphone Pompeo.

Flightradar24, that provides live worldwide flight chase, showed a plane starting up from city on weekday at around seven.30 pm civil time Associate in Nursingd vanishing from measuring device close to Neom around an hour later. It shows identical flight showing on measuring device close to Neom and landing at city at around one a.m (local time) weekday. It didn’t give any details on the flight.

The Israeli prime minister’s workplace didn’t reply to requests for comment.

Israel recently signed social control agreements with 2 Gulf states – Bahrain and therefore the United Arab Emirates – and has long maintained undercover security ties with Asian country. The Gulf kingdom has been reported to be among different Arab states considering establishing open diplomatic ties with Israel.


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