Indian students contributed US$ 7.6 billion to US economy last year

Indian students contributed US$ 7.6 billion to US economy last year

Indian students contributed US$ seven.6 billion to the North American country economy within the year 2019-20, albeit there was a four.4 per cent come by the full range of Indian students, consistent with a report.

China remained the biggest supply of international students within the North American country, with the amount of Chinese students within the country increasing for the sixteenth consecutive year. there have been over 372,000 Chinese students within the North American country throughout 2019-20 year, aforesaid the report “Opens Doors 2020.”

India remained the second largest supply of international students, despite a four.4 per cent decline to 193,124 students, it said.

According to the report, free by the North American country Department of State’s Bureau of academic and Cultural Affairs and also the Institute of International Education (IIE), for the fifth consecutive year the u. s. hosted over one million international students (1,075,496) in a tutorial year.

Despite a small decline (1.8 per cent) within the range of international students within the u. s. throughout the 2019-20 year, this cluster still represents five.5 per cent of all students in North American country pedagogy system.

According to the North American country Department of Commerce, international students contributed North American countryD forty four billion to the US economy in 2019, as well as USD seven,69 billion from Indian students.

“We area unit inspired to examine a fifth year of over one million international students within the u. s. before the pandemic,” aforesaid Marie Royce, Assistant Secretary of State for academic and Cultural Affairs.

“International student quality is as necessary these days as ever, and that we believe the u. s. is that the best destination for college students to check and earn their degrees. Education may be a pathway to a bigger future and international academic exchange has the ability to remodel students’ trajectories,” Royce aforesaid.

Among the highest twenty places of origin, the biggest share will increase were students from East Pakistan (+ seven percent), Brazil (+ four percent) and African country (+ 3 percent).

Saudi Arabia saw the biggest share decrease (- seventeen per cent) primarily thanks to changes in its government’s scholarship program. PTI


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