Indian-American author Divakaruni profiles Rani Jindan in her new novel

Indian-American author Divakaruni profiles Rani Jindan in her new novel

Indian-American author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s new novel can bring alive one among the foremost fearless ladies of the nineteenth century – the legendary somebody queen Jindan Kaur.

“The Last Queen” are going to be discharged by HarperCollins Asian nation in January 2021, the publishers proclaimed on Tuesday.

Daughter of the royal kennel keeper, the attractive Jindan was maharajah Ranjit Singh’s youngest and last queen besides his favorite. She became regent once her son Dalip, barely six years recent, unexpectedly transmitted the throne and went on to become a legendary somebody queen.

Passionate and dedicated to protective her son’s heritage, Jindan distrusted nation and fought laborious to stay them from annexing geographical region. Defying tradition, she stepped out of the zenana, throw away the veil and conducted state business publicly.

Addressing her faith troops herself, she galvanized her men in 2 wars against nation. Her power and influence were therefore formidable that nation, fearing AN revolt, robbed the rebel queen of everything she had, together with her son.

She was captive and exiled. however that failed to crush her never-say-die can.

“The Last Queen” is being delineate by the publishers as AN exquisite story of a king and a human, a cautionary tale regarding loyalty and betrayal, and a robust parable of the indestructible bond between mother and kid.

The novel has already been optioned for film rights.

Divakaruni aforementioned she is delighted to bring the “amazing and largely-forgotten” maharanee Jindan Kaur to readers.

“From the start, i used to be smitten by her strength and firm spirit while she goes through the worst challenges of her life. Delightfully human along with her faults and foibles, the resolute Jindan has been Andennobling companion to Maine through these troubled times,” she said.

“I trust she’s going to do identical for all United Nations agency obtain this book. i’m in addition excited as a result of the book has already been optioned by Endemol Shine for a moving picture,” she further.

According to Diya Kar, publisher (commercial) at HarperCollins, Divakaruni’s “matchless storytelling could be a nice gift to the globe. What an ideal time to tend this unbelievable story of an interesting girl, a true icon for United States of America today”.

Houston-based Divakaruni has authored books like “The Forest of Enchantments”, “Before we tend to Visit the Goddess”, “Oleander Girl”, “The Mistress of Spices”, “Sister of My Heart”, “Palace of Illusions” and “One wonderful Thing”. “The Mistress of Spices” and “Sister of My Heart” are custom-made into movies.


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