IB report says Al-Qaeda planning terror attack in Bengal, going on radicalisation spree

IB report says Al-Qaeda planning terror attack in Bengal, going on radicalisation spree
West Bengal. The intelligence unit has conjointly prompt that foreign terrorist organization terrorists area unit designing the attack in Bengal victimization sleeper cells.

The IB report was filed on day.

Sources aforesaid with the assistance of foreign handlers, makes an attempt were created to radicalise locals. throughout the questioning of Associate in Nursing foreign terrorist organization module, officers of National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently found these revelations.

Sources have aforesaid Pakistan-based foreign terrorist organization has been recruiting locals in Bengal through on-line mediums.

NIA sources have aforesaid foreign terrorist organization has many high political leaders in Bengal as their target. the phobia organisation is additionally aforesaid to possess opened accomplishment centres in city and urban center in Asian country from wherever they need been targeting locals in Bengal to radicalise them.

So far, NIA has in remission eleven terror operatives in reference to this radicalisation drive.

NIA recently in remission a person WHO was a part of numerous social media teams pass Pakistan-based handlers of the illegal FTO (LeT) foreign terrorist organization to recruit and radicalise kids for polishing off terror activities in Asian country, a political candidate aforesaid on Wednesday.

Sayyad M Idris, 28, a resident of Karnataka’s Uttara South Dravidian, was in remission from the southern state on weekday, a National Investigation Agency (NIA) interpreter aforesaid.

The case, that arose out of Associate in Nursing FIR registered in West Bengal on March eighteen, pertains to Pakistan-based handlers of the taboo terror outfit, terrorist group (LeT), victimization numerous social media platforms to radicalise and recruit vulnerable kids for its sleeper cells to propagate its ideology and for abetting and advocating unlawful activities in Asian country, the NIA aforesaid.


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