His 3-year search for missing wife prompts HC alarm and a human trafficking probe in Shirdi

His 3-year search for missing wife prompts HC alarm and a human trafficking probe in Shirdi

It was a 15-day vacation Manoj Soni had planned for his family in August 2017, and visiting Shirdi wasn’t a region of that. But then, the date on the train tickets he reserved from Ahmedabad to Vaishnodevi was July nine, rather than a month later.

“I completed this on August nine when we have a tendency to had visited Somnath, Dwarka and Nageshwar Jyotirling temples in Gujarat. we have a tendency to couldn’t have traveled such a protracted distance within the unreserved compartment with our 2 kids. That’s once my married woman and that i set to catch a bus to Shirdi from Ahmedabad,” aforesaid Soni, 42.

On August ten, the family from Indore visited the noted Saibaba temple. “While the youngsters were enjoying the rides at a good, my married woman wished to require a glance at the retailers close. I felt she ought to go while not the youngsters or they might demand plenty of things,” aforesaid Soni.

His married woman Deepti (38), carrying a pink dress, has not been seen since.

And now, Soni’s relentless efforts to seek out her have prompted the Aurangabad Bench of the city judicature to raise Maharashtra’s prime policeman to probe similar disappearances rumored from the noted temple city and investigate the angle of human trafficking.

On Gregorian calendar month twenty nine, listening of a plea by Soni that he had run from pillar to post for 3 years and located the police “least cooperative”, the Bench expressed discontentedness over the action of the Shirdi Police that had, it felt, did not examine the disappearances through the human trafficking angle.

“More importantly”, the court aforesaid, the state DGP ought to “unravel the mystery of the missing persons vis-a-vis a personality’s trafficking / organ trafficking racket”.

According to knowledge submitted by police, twenty seven9 persons were rumored missing from Shirdi between 2017 and Gregorian calendar month 27, 2020, of whom sixty seven still stay untraced, together with married and unmated girls.

Referring to Soni, the court noted: “It is over 3 years that his numerous tries to trace out his married woman are rendered futile. he’s a resident of Indore and despite the gap, he’s doggedly making an attempt to seek out his married woman even nowadays.”

According to senior law enforcement officials, the matter is “being investigated from each angle”. “The court are appraised of the progress created in tracing the persons rumored missing from Shirdi,” an official aforesaid.

It’s not the primary time that the court has taken note of the matter. On Gregorian calendar month twenty two, 2019, it ascertained that eighty eight persons were rumored missing from Shirdi in one year. In most the cases, the Bench aforesaid, the missing persons had come back to the temple.

“When poor persons area unit concerned in such cases…their relatives area unit missing, they’re helpless. Most of them don’t approach police and extremely seldom such poor persons will come back up to the current court,” the Bench had ascertained.

Soni married Deepti, a nursing assistant, on Feb twenty seven, 2009. “It was Associate in Nursing organized wedding however no but a love wedding. we have a tendency to understood one another thus well. She was mild and that i fair-haired her dearly,” he said.

Over the last 3 years, Soni says he has been to Pune when a intruder aforesaid he might have noticed his married woman at the railroad station, scanned hours of CCTV footage with the assistance of police, visited the red-light space with a lump in his throat, come back to Kalyan close to urban center double on a tip from a Tantrik, and even alerted Shirdi police a couple of cluster from Kopargaon well-known for capture folks.

But he was solely met with disappointment.

Soni takes a disruption before speaking regarding the insinuation that Deepti might have had Associate in Nursing extracurricular affair and left of her own accord. “I have examined that angle, too. i believed if folks, together with some law enforcement officials, say that it’s potential I ought to verify additional. I even have inquired with folks we all know however have found nothing to counsel that. though I had the slightest doubt, would I continue searching for her?”

While Soni is usually away sorting out Deepti, or taking over driving jobs for many days in Madhya Pradesh, geographic region or perhaps Uttarakhand, their kids — a 10-year-old boy Associate in Nursingd an eight-year-old lady — area unit sorted by their grandparent.

“I haven’t any alternative facilitate. My mother is eighty five and that i cannot expect her to try and do abundant. I take up jobs wherever folks want a driver for many days and create what I will to support my family. My financial gain has reduced, things become troublesome typically however however am i able to stop searching for my wife?” Soni aforesaid.

And yet, he doesn’t lose heart. “Her members of the family area unit helpless, too. Her oldsters area unit poor. Her father worked as a watcher and her mother worked during a doctor’s clinic. She has 2 alternative sisters. however the loss has been mine over theirs,” he said.

The kids, Soni says, have matured on the far side their years. “My son and female offspring currently counsel ways in which to seek out their mother. At their age, it’s notably arduous to be while not the mother. They break down typically once they miss her an excessive amount of.”


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