Have trouble sleeping? Try this ancient Ayurvedic technique

Have trouble sleeping? Try this ancient Ayurvedic technique

Good quality sleep at night is extremely essential for the body to feel relaxed and recharged. But a lot of people complain of restless nights with poor quality sleep. If you also have trouble sleeping and have already tried various methods without any success, Rekha Diwekar has an ancient Ayurvedic technique that may help you.

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According to Diwekar, kansa or an alloy made of copper, tin, and zinc or bronze, can come to one’s rescue.

Massaging the soles of the feet with desi cow ghee or kokum butter or coconut oil with a bronze vessel can improve blood circulation and induce relaxation, in turn, helping one fall asleep faster and deeper.

How to do it?

Before lying down on your bed, rub some desi cow ghee/kokum butter/coconut oil (preference in this order) and massage with a small bronze vessel for a few minutes.

Diwekar suggested, “As per Ayurveda, if you sleep well, the body gets a chance to repair or build cells, This helps make the immunity stronger.”

Here’s why the technique is beneficial for the body

*The process boosts blood circulation and hence improves muscle strength in the lower limbs.
*It relaxes tired eyes.
*You can sleep well. “Especially if you wake up early at about 4 or 4.30 am and can’t go to sleep again, this practice will help you,” she said.

Why kansa?

It is said that just like gua shas and jade rollers, kansa or bronze metal is known to remove heat from the body and relieve muscular tension that promotes relaxation.

Would you like to try this technique?


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