Haj Yatra 2021: Big news about Haj pilgrimage; Corona vaccine will need to be vaccinated

Haj Yatra 2021: Big news about Haj pilgrimage; Corona vaccine will need to be vaccinated

If you have not got both Corona vaccines, then you will not be allowed to do Haj pilgrimage this year. Amidst the rapidly spreading corona epidemic in many states of the country, there has been a big announcement regarding this year’s Haj pilgrimage. In India, the Haj Committee has said that no Indian will be allowed to go for the annual Haj pilgrimage unless he has taken a dose of the corona vaccine, i.e. this time he will be allowed to do the Haj pilgrimage.

Corona has got both of her vaccinations.

However, what will be the nature of Haj pilgrimage amidst the corona epidemic spreading again globally, the situation is not clear yet. Let me tell you that even last year, regular Haj pilgrimage could not be done due to the corona virus epidemic. Earlier, a report was issued in December last year about Haj pilgrimage, in which it was told that due to Corona epidemic, this time Haj pilgrimage will be expensive.


According to the report, last year it was said that due to Corona epidemic, the journey of Mecca and Medina has also become expensive. The next year, in the year 2021, with special arrangements to prevent infection, those who aspire to live the life of the prophet will have to pay more than one lakh rupees more.
At the same time, this burden will increase on Haj pilgrims of both the countries, Green and Azizia category. In the new year, those going on Haj pilgrimage will have to pay three to three and three lakh rupees. Apart from this, the period of halt in Mecca and Medina of Haj pilgrims has also been reduced.

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