Gullak Season 2 review: This middle class drama is as genuine as pure love

Gullak Season 2 review: This middle class drama is as genuine as pure love

Gullak Season two

Cast: Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Sunita Rajwar, Harsh Mayar, Vaibhav Gupta

Creator: Shreyansh Pandey

Gullak isn’t simply a series that is the resting place of random amendment you have got lying around, however additionally a reservoir of stories of the unit it resides in. Like every currency note and coin that resides therein small box contains a story behind it, each family witnesses stories that aren’t solely moving however additionally resonate with you. And that’s the sweetness of Gullak season two — it manages to be as promising because the 1st one, courtesy its charm and its ability to attach with every and each class viewer it reaches intent on.

Welcome to the small-town Mishra family that is as real as your own. every member comes with their own bundle of aspirations and struggles, shaping their lives. it’s all from the pinnacle of the family (played by Jameel Khan) fights his inner demons to mention no to an additional dose of ‘suvidha shulk (bribe)’, to a married woman (Geetanjali Kulkarni) has her own ways in which to create each end meet every day.

Their 2 sons square measure complete distinction to every alternative – the elder one, vie by Vaibhav rule Gupta, could be a genius in storytelling along with his profound information of each incident that happens in his city. However, his inability to crack civil services communication within the 1st try has him labelled as a failure. He leaves no probability of tormenting his younger brother (Harsh Mayar), World Health Organization hardly shows any promise of creating it massive within the tutorial field. they’ll stop on glamour and song and dance however the conviction with that they live their screen lives in synchronize with one another cause you to fall taken with them the instant you meet them.

The season twoGullak

The strength of the show lies in an exceedingly heart-winning playscript and its solid members World Health Organization match along with sort of a puzzle. Their actions and reactions square measure thus in synchronize that you simply cannot however imagine them as relations. The intensity with that they take you deep into their lives strikes the proper chord, and there’s a lived-in feel to their story.

Gullak two solid change with one another sort of a puzzle.

How will a viewer not get invested within an exceeding story that additionally boasts of a meddling neighbourhood ‘aunty’! It comes with its own dose of harmless amusement once a not-so-bad husband and father turn into a proud uncle World Health Organization would take extreme offence on not finding the mention of ‘with family’ on a marriage card. It’s intriguing to ascertain however a married woman is not any but a superwoman to teach her family away required life lesson.

The devil is actually in details, and that they square measure the USP of this SonyLiv original, that all over again proves that quality content is what counts within the era of booming on-line content. once delivering some charming thrillers like Avrodh, Undekhi, Scam 1992 and also the recent comedy Sandwiched Forever within the year passed by, the OTT platform serves simply the proper treat this year with Gullak season two. It will release  on January fifteen on SonyLIV.


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