First ‘Mango special’ train of season arrives in Delhi from Vizianagaram

First ‘Mango special’ train of season arrives in Delhi from Vizianagaram

Season’s first ‘mango special’ train arrived at Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar railway station on Friday with 200 tonnes of mangoes in 11,600 boxes from Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram.

Vizianagaram is the nodal point for the transport of mangoes in the north of Andhra Pradesh.

Tejinder Singh from the Azadpur Mandi said that the railways also had similar services for chiku, bananas and oranges.

“The service was started with oranges and has been extended to chiku, bananas and mangoes. Earlier, we used to get the product from the railway yard by truck, then to our godowns from there. This is better for us,” Singh told ANI.

The service has been started by the Waltair Division of East Coast Railway in its commitment to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential commodities.

In a statement, senior divisional commercial manager, A K Tripathi said, “Taking into consideration of the requirement by the mango traders, Waltair Division will run special parcel train services. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Waltair Division is making all efforts to continue the supply chain of essential commodities.”


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