Farm reforms will help turn farmers into entrepreneurs: PM Modi

Farm reforms will help turn farmers into entrepreneurs: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said his government’s ‘historic’ farm reforms will create opportunities to need farmers to entrepreneurship and added his regime is targeting increasing their income.

Modi was speaking after releasing the autobiography of former Union minister Balasaheb Vikhe Patil and renaming the Pravara Rural Education Society in Ahmednagar district after the Padma Bhushan recipient, via video conferencing.

Terming the farm reforms as historic, the prime minister said, “Today opportunities are being created to need farming and farmers from the role of anna data (food provider) to entrepreneurship.”

Referring to high milk, sugar, and wheat production in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, and Punjab, Modi said such models of local enterprise will take the country forward.
He said there was a time after Independence when the country did not have sufficient food stock.

“The government’s priority then was to increase food production. therefore the whole focus was on increasing production. Farmers toiled hard to understand the target,” Modi said.

“But governments and policies didn’t concentrate on the profitability of farmers while worrying about increasing productivity.

“People forgot about income for farmers. apart from the first time, this thinking has been changed,” he said and listed steps the Centre has taken for the welfare of farmers.

Noting that the Covid-19 threat still persists, Modi involved observing social distancing norms and maintaining effective personal hygiene.

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However, J&J’s move follows a uniform one by AstraZeneca. In September, AstraZeneca paused late-stage trials of its experimental coronavirus vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford, because of an unexplained illness during a UK study participant.

While trials within the united kingdom, Brazil, South Africa, and India have resumed, the US trial remains on hold pending a regulatory review.

Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases at the Vanderbilt University School of medicine, said by email that “Everybody is on the alert thanks to what happened with AstraZeneca,” adding that it could take hebdomadally to gather information.

“It would wish to be a big adverse event. If it had been something like prostate cancer, uncontrolled diabetes, or an attack – they might not stop it for any of those reasons. this is often likely to be a neurological event,” he said.

Last month, J&J said its experimental Covid-19 vaccine produced a strong immune response against the novel coronavirus in an early-to-mid stage clinical trial, following which the company began a final 60,000-person trial, whose results had been expected by the highest of this year or early 2021.

Johnson & Johnson declined to elaborate on the illness because of privacy concerns. It did say that some participants in studies get placebos, and it had been not always clear whether a private suffering a big adverse event during a clinical trial received a placebo or the treatment.

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