Facebook removes ‘misinformation’ tag from Himanta video

Facebook removes ‘misinformation’ tag from Himanta video

Justice Bhushan aforesaid it might be higher to put the facts before the judicature itself, whereas agreeing that cases were on the increase in the metropolis.

The government argued that it had solely schooled thirty-three hospitals to order eightieth ICU/HDU beds for COVID-19 patients as a result of the rising graph of infections.

“As a result of this proactive intervention, nearly five hundred patients were able to secure admission in social unit beds of those non-public nursing homes and hospitals. the speed answerable for these beds has conjointly been capped by the govt. within the interest of the general public,” the metropolis government petition, filed through advocate Chirag M. Shroff, has contended within the high court.

A single choice of the judicature on Sept twenty-two stayed the govt. order on a petition filed by Association of care suppliers (India), that aforesaid the order would deprive non-COVID patients of pressing medical aid.

A Division Bench of the judicature, rather than lifting the keep, just adjourned the case too late November.

“The Division Bench has didn’t take judicial notice of the COVID-19 pandemic and also the steady rising graph of infections. metropolis has continually been the popular location for seeking medical treatment by patients even from close and alternative States,” the govt. charm aforesaid.

The government aforesaid the judicature didn’t appreciate that the petition filed against the Sept twelve order was nothing however a cloaked try by sure hospital managements to protect their own monetary interests.

The petition aforesaid out of the thirty-three hospitals listed, twenty-eight were already functioning as “partial COVID hospitals”.

“Out of these twenty-eight hospitals, twenty-two were assigned land by the govt. at concessional rates. 5 out of thirty-three hospitals have already been operational as COVID-19 hospitals. Four out of 5 hospitals have conjointly been assigned land at concessional rates,” the petition contended.



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