Eye on 2024, JP Nadda to begin 120-day nationwide tour in December

Eye on 2024, JP Nadda to begin 120-day nationwide tour in December

WITH AN eye on improving the party’s Lok Sabha tally in 2024, BJP president J P Nadda will embark on a 120-day nationwide tour from next month, focusing on areas where the party did not do well in the 2019 elections.

Nadda will begin his tour in the first week of December and Uttarakhand will be the first state on his itinerary, BJP general secretary Arun Singh told reporters. December 5 is the likely date for beginning the tour.

Singh said the BJP president will visit every state, hold virtual meetings with heads of all booth units, the smallest organisational entity in the party, and meet every party MP and MLA besides its senior leaders, including district chiefs, in each state. He will also visit some booths to interact with ground workers, he said.

“The BJP president will be the only chief of a national party who would be going to the states and addressing even booth and mandal leaders,” Singh said.

Ahead of the 2019 election, Nadda’s predecessor—Home Minister Amit Shah—had identified around 115 seats in states where the party machinery was weak. The BJP made considerable improvement in its performance in these constituencies in the polls after Shah went on an extensive tour.

Singh said the BJP would be working hard and taking all measures to see to it that it wins the seats where the party had lost in the last Lok Sabha polls. For this, he said, the party would also take all programmes of the Narendra Modi government to all parts of the country.

In fact, the BJP-ruled states will give a presentation to Nadda on various aspects of their work, including implementation of central government schemes and on to how to further raise awareness about them.

With assembly elections in four states – West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Assam – set to be held in the first half of next year, Nadda will also review the party’s preparedness, Singh said. He will spend three days in big states and two in others.

During his tour, the BJP chief will interact with allies and hold public programmes, Singh said. He will speak with personalities from different fields in the respective areas. Apart from assessing activities, Nadda will discuss future strategies with the core group members of the respective states.


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