Dreaming of day when other batsmen are compared to me: Babar Azam

Dreaming of day when other batsmen are compared to me: Babar Azam

Comparison with contemporary greats like Virat Kohli makes fictional character Azam proud however young Asian country skipper aspires to air a pedestal from wherever comparison square measure drawn with him.

“I feel proud to be compared to those high batsmen and to be hierarchal within the high 5 of the planet. however my dream is that in some unspecified time in the future I additionally reach a stage wherever different batsmen American stateasure} compared to Pine Tree State and not me being compared to others,” fictional character aforementioned in AN interview to a YouTube channel.

“I grasp that I even have to perform like them in each condition and vie with them. I additionally wish to perform like them and win matches for the team like they are doing.”

The 26-year previous high baseball player aforementioned the satisfaction one gets by evaluation runs on robust overseas tours is huge and that is why he’s all set to try to to well in New island.

“When you get runs in places like Australia, England, African nation it offers you satisfaction and folks not blink and mark of you. New island are a tricky series however I even have psyched myself to continue my runs within the 2 tests and 3 T20 matches.”

“In England, we have a tendency to did well and gave them a tricky time therefore i’m optimistic we are able to act. Conditions in New island square measure totally different and that we ought to accommodates those conditions. smart we have a tendency to square measure going there early so it offers U.S.A. longer to urge accustomed their conditions.”

The Asian country captain aforementioned he unbroken himself prepared for all conditions however as knowledgeable athlete he knew anyone will create mistakes and therefore the secret’s to find out from them.

“In cricket the educational method isn’t over. i prefer to review my batting whether or not I act or fail. I pay hours looking at videos of my batting and even others. it’s a decent learning exercise.”

Babar, World Health Organization was named check captain simply before the tour to New island, aforementioned whenever he hears former greats talking smart concerning him, it offers him a lift.

“It is usually nice to listen to the opposite greats speak extremely concerning you however it additionally makes Pine Tree State realise that I even have additional of a responsibility to try to to well and prove them right.”

Babar aforementioned he was mentally ready for check captainship.

“The board had indicated to Pine Tree State they were considering Pine Tree State check captain once they created Pine Tree State white-ball captain last year. they need told Pine Tree State to play dauntlessly and not worry concerning losing matches. they’ll support Pine Tree State. they need told Pine Tree State i’m there as captain for an extended time.”


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