DoubleVerify Global Insights Report: Advertisers in APAC Must Tackle Brand Suitability

DoubleVerify Global Insights Report: Advertisers in APAC Must Tackle Brand Suitability

SINGAPORE, Aug. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DoubleVerify (“DV”), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics today released its 2020 Global Insights Report, providing a market-by-market benchmark on the current and future state of media quality for global advertisers.

In developing the report, DV analysed data from advertisers representing over 2,000 brands across 75 countries, from May 2019 to April 2020.

The report also offers a view on emerging trends — including the sharp rise in CTV fraud, and increase in the rate of brand suitability incidents on mobile app inventory — that may impact the way advertisers think about cross-channel marketing, targeting, privacy and more.

The 2020 global findings include:

The Brand Suitability Rate continues to increase year-over-year – most noticeably in APAC and LATAM, regions where advertisers have only recently adopted brand suitability programs.
The global mobile app Brand Suitability Incident Rate has grown by 31% in the last year – a result well below the nearly 200% increase seen last year, but still ahead of other devices.
Overall fraud is down – however fraudsters are following audiences and advertisers media spend, and honing their activities on CTV.
APAC: Advertisers are grappling with managing brand suitability for digital advertising campaigns

Brand suitability ensures a brand’s ads do not appear in the context of/or adjacent to unsuitable content. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to brand suitability; brand safe environments can be unique to each brand. DV’s Brand Suitability Rate records instances of ads being served on sites or apps, or adjacent to content that does not meet a brand’s suitability parameters, including both blocked impressions, and those found to be outside a brand’s suitability parameters.

APAC saw a sharp increase in overall brand suitability, due to the region’s initial focus on reducing ad fraud across websites, apps and connected TV (CTV). Brand suitability programs are more mature in North America and Europe, however, advertisers in the APAC region are now starting to assess the brand suitability of running media campaigns on certain websites. The APAC region reported a higher overall Brand Suitability Rate than most other regions – up 66% in the year to 11.4%, compared to growth rates of 24% in EMEA and 11% in North America.

“Brands in APAC would like to reduce ad fraud, increase viewability, and secure guidance on how to ensure their media investments are brand-safe,” said Jordan Khoo, Managing Director, APAC at DoubleVerify. “This report shows that while brands in APAC are just setting out on the path of establishing the right parameters for brand suitability and targeting, they are aware they can secure better control over their digital advertising. The focus for the next year will be to ensure that ad impressions are properly authenticated and that media quality and brand suitability is top of mind for advertisers.”

For the full 2020 Global Insights Report, visit:

DoubleVerify is a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics. DV’s mission is to be the definitive source of transparency and data-driven insights into the quality and effectiveness of digital advertising for the world’s largest brands, publishers and digital ad platforms. DV’s technology platform provides advertisers with consistent and unbiased data and analytics that can be used to optimize the quality and return on digital ad investments. Since 2008, DV has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies gain the most from their media spend by delivering best in class solutions across the digital advertising ecosystem, helping to build a better industry. Learn more at

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