Does Danve mean the country is run by incompetent people: Shiv Sena attacks BJP on country’s economy

Does Danve mean the country is run by incompetent people: Shiv Sena attacks BJP on country’s economy
The Shiv Sena on Monday targeted the Central government over the state of the country’s economy and backed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Union minister of state Raosaheb Danve’s statement that running a government isn’t an “incompetent” person’s job. an article in Sena mouthpiece Saamana asked if Danve meant the country is travel by incompetent people.
The editorial outlined the poor economic situation within the country, including unemployment, poverty and India’s slipping rank within the Global Hunger Index 2020: it ranks less than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. It added that India’s GDP is less than Bangladesh’s, and India is now within the bottom-three among South Asian countries.
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“Raosaheb Danve remarked that running a government isn’t an incompetent person’s job. He a Union minister and thus his statement must be viewed at the national level because on the problems of hunger and nourishment India’s situation is sort of serious. On one hand, we are beating the drums about being a $5 trillion economy while on the opposite hand, 14%-15% of the population is undernourished,” the editorial read.
India now ranks 94th among 107 countries in terms of hunger, and continues to be within the ‘severe’ hunger category consistent with the worldwide Hunger Index 2020. consistent with the study, 14% of India’s population is undernourished. “What Danve said is indeed true. there’s hunger, poverty and malnutrition within the country and what’s the Modi government doing about it?” it asked.
Continuing its sharp attack on the BJP-led government, the Sena mouthpiece said, “Running a government doesn’t mean spreading hatred. When issues are about hunger and unemployment, topics like Hindu-Muslim or India-Pakistan are created. Demonetisation and therefore the Goods and Services Tax has weakened India’s financial strength. Thousands of individuals have lost employment; rather than providing them jobs, topics like strike and Rafale are brought out.”

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