Do bananas help control loose motions? Here’s what experts say

Do bananas help control loose motions? Here’s what experts say

Blame it on the dynamic weather, food habits, or even travail, loose motions or looseness of the bowels will happen to anyone. It is, in fact, one of all the foremost common biological process disorders in conjunction with constipation. whereas there are many medicines on the market to instantly management loose motions, some folks swear by home remedies like ingestion a banana to manage loose stools and additionally create the body feel stronger.

But does one got to be having bananas?

A usually on the market fruit, bananas are made in fiber (like polyose hemicellulose) that facilitate add bulk to the stool and improve movement. In fact, it’s one of all the foremost sure ancient remedies for loose motions.

Dr. Mahesh Gupta, senior advisor, doctor, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital says, “Basically, bananas are high in a metallic element that helps to urge the digestion method back to traditional. it’s fibrous, Associate in Nursingd additionally an honest supply of energy, sugar and atomic number 11, a mix required most throughout loose motions.

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Also, bananas, which are occasional residue food, facilitate {affect|have Associate in Nursing effect on} the weakness and dehydration which can accompany losing an excessive quantity of fluid from the body. “Banana provides calories inside the kind of supermolecule that has instant energy to touch upon the weakness because of loose motion,” aforesaid Seema Singh, chief clinical specializer, Fortis Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Concurred Zoya Fakhi, specializer, Bhatia Hospital. city and aforesaid, “100 grams offers 116-kilo calorie, thus the energy lost and thus the travail caused because of loose motions are usually replenished by bananas.”

Studies have shown cellulose, a form of fiber found in raw banana, absorbs excess water from intestines and forms the stools.

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How to have?
Consuming bananas with slight curd is also a standard combination that works wonders, remarked Singh.

Eating bananas with salt provides atomic number 11 and metallic element, electrolytes that exhaust if you have looseness of the bowels, said Singh. “It ar usually consumed doubly or thrice relying on the frequency of loose motions. simply just in case the individual is unable to consume traditional foods, they’ll consume banana alongside curd and rice or as a transparent fruit relying on their preference,” explained Fakhi.

However, Dr. Gupta options a word of caution. “One has to substantiate she/he is taking ripe bananas and not the raw/green ones which can doubtless have a reverse result throughout loose motions or looseness of the bowels,” he declared.

Don’t forget to drink enough fluid, particularly water, to stay hydrous, counsel the nutritionists.

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