Delhi Confidential: Technical Guru

Delhi Confidential: Technical Guru

Once nicknamed Google Guru because of his data of rulebooks and Parliamentary procedures, BJP MP S S Ahluwalia appears to be living up to his name. however it’s not regarding rules or procedures currently. He has become the go-to person for Parliamentarians with the newest mobile phones. throughout an opportunity between the adjournments on Tuesday, a BJP MP was explaining the options of his new phone. However, Ahluwalia UN agency corrected him on sure options, was seen explaining the newest technology mobile phones area unit equipped with. As he spoke, a lot of MPs gathered to attend Ahluwalia’s category.

Probing, Then Walking

While the complete Opposition walked out of Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, Trinamool Congress’s Dinesh Trivedi stayed back. No, it had been not associate degree act of defiance. The Question Hour was on the point of begin and also the TMC member had a matter listed – it had been the second. He stayed back and asked Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on low expenditure on health analysis and development. Trivedi aforementioned the Ministry was payment solely three per cent of the whole allocation on analysis and argued that it’s been reduced to one.25 per cent currently. He aforementioned Bharat has the most effective of brains however must augment its analysis pay to succeed in its full potential. Having asked the question and detected the reply, Trivedi quietly walked out of the House.

A Son Remembers

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday remembered his father, K Subrahmanyam, on his tenth death day. “Remembering K. Subrahmanyam, strategic thinker and policy-maker, UN agency died at the moment 10 years agone. solid by the events of 1962, 1965, 1971 & 1999, he formed our thinking on national security,” Jaishankar tweeted. several strategic analysts conjointly remembered him later. Russian ambassador Nikolay Kudashev recalled, “We do keep in mind K. Subrahmanyam as a rare and modern analyst and freelance thinker. Dialogues with him had continually been attention-grabbing, broad-minded, stimulating and enriching. Memory of him and his gift is a component folks nowadays.”


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