Decline in COVID cases- Lowest in 111 Consecutive Days

Decline in COVID cases- Lowest in 111 Consecutive Days

The decline in COVID cases- Lowest in 111 Consecutive Days: Good news for all, After 111 consecutive days covid cases decline rapidly.

In India, 34000 covid cases were reported in the last 24 hours with 555 death. In India the recovery rate increases to 97%.

Where 81,564 patient discharged from hospital and go back their home. This is a great achievement for India Our efforts will prove their result. To continue this decline we have to maintain or continue the efforts.

Vaccination important to prevent the third wave

Don’t forget to take vaccination and mask because these are the only thing to protect you from covid variants, Without vaccines, India can’t defeat corona.

In India, a Total 35.74 cr dose of vaccine has been administered. So India works really well in vacciantion and we have no shortage of vaccines. It’s time to take more precautions.

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As we all aware about the third wave upcoming month could be crucial for everyone so we have to be very careful, Our efforts and precautions help India to defeat the third wave.

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