Coronavirus Update: India recorded 41,383 new Covid -19 cases and 507 deaths – Last 24 hours

Coronavirus Update: India recorded 41,383  new Covid -19 cases and 507 deaths – Last 24 hours

Coronavirus live update-  In the last 24 hours,  India recorded 41,383 new Covid -19 cases and 507 deaths:

The number of cases of covid -19 decreases in a day by 7.1% than yesterday and the fatality rate decreased on the last day.

According to the Ministry of Health and family welfare -Government of India

India recovery rate increases to 97.36%

More than 38,000 Covid -19 patients recovered and were discharged from hospitals and went back to their homes in the last 24 hours.

Although Daily positivity rate at 2.27% less than 3% for 30 consecutive days.

India’s current situation is on the point where the chances to control the third wave is 50%, Meanwhile, cases reported more than 35000 and less than 45000. The number of cases varying in this ratio in the last one week. So, No one can say anything about the cases.

All we need to do is taking precautions, vaccinations, and Covid appropriate behavior.

These things should be followed by every citizen. The rate of cases changes day by day, increases or decreases. Negligence will lead towards the third wave. It is difficult to say the third wave is controlled or not because of the number of cases reported like ups and downs.

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India doesn’t have harder immunity to fight against the new variant of Coronavirus.

If India follows Covid’s appropriate behavior then surely cases will be decrease and India will be able to control the third wave.

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