Corona Cases Decline in UP – Uttar Pradesh Government

Corona Cases Decline in UP – Uttar Pradesh Government

Corona Cases Decline in UP – Uttar Pradesh Government: Corona cases declined in up from last one month. Less number of cases has been reported. Monday, Up reported 98 cases, But the main concern of up governing is on two states Sitapur and Sultanpur these are two states, which reported a high number of covid cases.

Two states reported more cases – Sitapur and Sultanpur

Up reported 98 cases of corona in the last 24 hours. where 28 covid cases were found in the Sitapur district. and 20 cases found in Sultanpur district.

It means 50% of cases found only in two states

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The government took strict action and decide to send the special team to these states where cases were found. This team will help to conduct cases rapidly and increase the testing speed. Also, the Up government wants the complete report of corona cases from hospitals of Sitapur and Sultanpur.

Governments give orders to district hospitals to conduct the case history of patients, including where they traveled and whom they meet, this case history will help to detect more corona cases easily in less time.

Up have the highest recovery rate 98% and daily positivity rate is  0.9%.

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