Cedrus Group’s Chairman Mr. Rani Jarkas Invited to Speak at the ANNUAL BIOPHARMA DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION WEEK

Cedrus Group’s Chairman Mr. Rani Jarkas Invited to Speak at the ANNUAL BIOPHARMA DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION WEEK

HONG KONG, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Chairman of Cedrus Group (“Cedrus”), Mr. Rani Jarkas, is invited to speak at the “6th Annual Biopharma Development and Production Week” conference to be held on 3rd – 5th November 2020. This year, the event will be conducted virtually in the face of the universal outbreak of COVID-19. The conference will connect key decision makers in the biopharma industry for exchanging views and information along with offering opportunities for potentially forging partnerships and cooperation.

Mr. Jarkas will be speaking at the “Show Me the Drugs” plenary session to share his extensive industry experience and profound insights into the investment landscape, market development trajectory as well as the role of and new opportunities presenting to financial institutions amid the current changing environment driven in part by the COVID-19 epidemic.

For over two decades, Cedrus has been investing in the field of biopharma in addition to facilitating inbound and outbound investment transactions alongside cross-border collaborations involving its clients and companies from around the globe with a proven track record. More importantly, Cedrus closely monitors and analyzes the industry’s development so as to identify innovative technologies with far-reaching impact and capitalize on unique investment opportunities globally in the life sciences industry.

Mr. Jarkas said, “I’m honored to be invited to attend this year’s event, especially at a time when the biopharma industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Despite increased uncertainty, Cedrus is still committed to bringing cutting-edge biopharma products and technologies to China to benefit the health of Chinese people and the domestic industry in terms of promoting technological innovation and collaboration.

Moreover, Cedrus has established comprehensive relationships in both the public and private sectors, enabling it to actively participate in and contribute to the building a stronger and healthier China under the guidance of the country’s relevant schemes, including the Healthy China 2030 initiative, by virtue of Cedrus’ extensive expertise and experience in the biopharma industry.”

About Cedrus Group

Cedrus Group is a global boutique investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong, specializing in Asset Management and Financial Advisory Services. Cedrus has extensive experience and a global network in the life sciences industry together with cross-border transactions track record in geographies, including China, Australia, Asia, U.S., and Europe.

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