Cadre merger of officers: Railways considers selection panel for top posts

Cadre merger of officers: Railways considers selection panel for top posts

THE Railway Ministry is reconsidering an inspiration to merge eight completely different cadres of serving A officers to create a typical seniority list of officers. underneath a brand new set up, appointments to any or all general or “ex-cadre” posts, during which a politician from any department is announce (Chairman, Railway Board, for example), may currently be set by a panel.

The Indian categorical had according in August a proposal to open up these prime posts to a variety method regardless of cadre, instead of promotion supported seniority. This had been communicated to officers’ associations in conferences with Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

Based on this, the sooner plan was to merge around eight,400 serving officers from numerous cadres into a typical seniority list Associate in Nursing for an Indian Railway Management Service (IRMS). whereas the IRMS continues to be on the table, and there’ll not be any future enlisting within the existing cadres, serving officers won’t be united.

The decision to line up Associate in Nursing IRMS was taken by the cupboard in Dec 2019, and it had been tentatively targeted to be all over and formalised by Nov this year. Sources aforesaid technically, there’s time until Dec, though no formal target is presently being followed.

Resistance forces rethink
Officers from 3 services World Health Organization are picked through UPSC entrance and are typically older had protested against a cadre merger, fearing it might hit their promotion prospects compared to their counterparts.

The merger proposal had seen resistance from Railway officers happiness to a few of the services — Traffic, Personnel and Accounts — World Health Organization are recruited through the UPSC Civil Services examination. The officers feared that a typical seniority list would place them at an obstacle in terms of promotion as compared to their Engineering Services counterparts. Civil servants are usually many years older because of completely different qualities and modes of entrance exams for them as compared to the Engineering Services. They claim they miss out on prime posts as they usually don’t have enough service tenure left or are past the eligible age.

There was apprehension in government circles of officers filing lawsuits against the move.

As per the new proposal being thought-about, appointments to any or all 650-odd general posts or ex-cadre posts within the Indian Railways would be thrown hospitable choice by a panel. except for Chairman and members of the Railway Board, General Managers, extra GMs and Divisional Railway Managers fall during this class.

Sources aforesaid officers can still get the promotions because of them inside the departments in their several cadres as a part of natural career progression. However, they’ll additionally like better to contend for ex-cadre posts whenever eligible and undergo the choice method. they’ll be termed IRMS officers, however they’ll still perform their several specialised jobs in their departments. “This move is supposed to confirm that nobody misses out on career progression prospects,” aforesaid a senior Railway official.

The new proposal are going to be place up before a Committee of Secretaries so a bunch of Ministers headed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah that had been fashioned to implement the sooner set up. whereas the success of the new proposal can eventually rely on the eligibility fastened for choice to ex-cadre posts, provided that there’s lesser quality concerned as compared to cadre merger, the method could also be electric sander.


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