Breaking News : Uttar Pradesh extended lockdown till May 6 morning due Covid-19

Breaking News : Uttar Pradesh extended lockdown till May 6 morning due Covid-19

The Uttar Pradesh government has extended the coronavirus-induced curfew in the entire state by two more days. As per the latest order, the restrictions will remain in place in all 75 districts till May 6 morning.

Guidelines of Uttar Pradesh Lockdown

1- Medical and health services will be allowed

2- Groceries shop will remain open

3-Takeaways, food delivery, goods delivery will be allowed

4- Patients and pregnant women will be allowed to travel

5- Scheduled examinations

6- Passengers with a valid ticket will be allowed to go to the airport, bus, and railway station

7- Government buses will be allowed with 50 percent capacity

8- Wedding will be allowed with only 50 people in the close area, while in open maximum 100 people are allowed.

9- For funerals, only 20 people is allowed

What’s Not Allowed

1- All government and private institutions will remain close

2- Hotel, restaurants, mall, shopping complex, gym, spa, etc will remain close

3- Educational institutes, such as schools and colleges, will remain close

4- No gathering, including wedding or get-together allowed. Only those weddings that were fixed earlier shall be permitted

5- Religious gatherings to remain close

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