Bharathiraja requests Tamil actors and technicians to take a pay cut

Bharathiraja requests Tamil actors and technicians to take a pay cut
Veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja, in his capacity because the president of Tamil Film Active Producers Association, on Monday wrote an letter to all or any A-list actors and technicians of the Tamil movie industry . within the letter, he has requested the members of the film fraternity to require a 30 per cent salary cut to permit film producers to restart the projects that were suffering from the COVID-19 lockdown.
Bharathiraja noted that the producers of several unfinished movies aren’t ready to raise money through the sales of digital, audio and satellite rights. And their condition was so dire that they’re not even ready to pay the interests on the loans they took to fund the projects.
“In this example , it’s the responsibility of all actors and technicians to return forward and help the producers, whose films are under production and are stuck thanks to this lockdown. The producers can manage to return out of this trying condition and release their films smoothly, as long as their total investment in films is reduced by a minimum of 40 to 50%. Only then, albeit their films don’t fetch big revenues, they will begin without much loss,” Bharathiraja said within the letter.
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Director Bharathirajaa,
President of @tfapatn:
An Appeal to all or any Actors & Technicians who are becoming a salary quite Rs.10 lacs to scale back 30% in their payment thanks to this pandemic impact and help the Producers to release their films.#BharathiRaja #TFAPATN
— PRO Kumaresan (@urkumaresanpro) October 19, 2020
The filmmaker noted that he was only requesting those actors and technicians who make Rs 10 lakh and above for one project. “We are making this request just for the films which were under production and are stuck thanks to Covid-19 and not for brand spanking new films, which you’re signing and commencing, that you and therefore the producers may choose appropriate remuneration. For the films, which were stuck for over 6 months thanks to this pandemic, we are making this request (sic),” he said within the letter.
It is worth noting that each one artistes within the Telugu movie industry are going to be subject to a compulsory 20 per cent salary cut to form up for the losses incurred by the industry during the COVID-19 lockdown. the first film bodies of the Malayalam movie industry , the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) and therefore the Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA), have also reached an agreement, where reportedly all their member actors and technicians have agreed to require a salary cut .

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