Auto driver sets watchman on fire for objecting to him urinating on car in Pune

Auto driver sets watchman on fire for objecting to him urinating on car in Pune

Awatchman was set on fire by AN auto-rickshaw driver for objecting to him urinating on a automobile.

As per press association PTI, the safety guard UN agency works at a non-public firm in Pune tried to prevent the driving force from urinating on a high-end automobile of the firm’s owner, police same on weekday.

The security guard, 41-year-old Ravi Shankar Wayphalkar, received burn injuries within the incident that happened around one pm on Tuesday in Bhosari industrial space in Maharashtra’s Pune.

The auto-rickshaw driver, Mahendra Balu Kadam (31), was later inactive and reserved beneath Indian legal code sections 307 (attempt to murder) and different relevant provisions, a police official told PTI.

“On Tuesday afternoon, Wayphalkar was on duty at the most gate of the firm. Kadam, UN agency happened to be passing by, stopped his auto-rickshaw there and commenced urinating on the SUV happiness to the firm’s owner,” PTI quoted a politician from Bhosari MIDC station house as oral communication.

When Wayphalkar objected thereto, the auto-rickshaw driver got angry.

“Kadam left the place at that point however came back around four.30 pm with a bottle of gasolene. He poured it on Wayphalkar and set him ablaze,” the official told PTI.

The security guard received burn injuries and is presently undergoing treatment in an exceedingly personal hospital in Pune.


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