Agusta Westland deal: Personal trainers shareholders, money also from other deals

Agusta Westland deal: Personal trainers shareholders, money also from other deals

From making an attempt a concealing once authorities opened a look to floating a brand new company together with his personal trainers as shareholders to washing of yield from different defence deals — these ar among the admissions created, the social control board of directors (ED) claims, by controller Rajiv Saxena, key defendant within the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal case, throughout questioning.

Currently on bail, Saxena was extradited from metropolis in Gregorian calendar month 2019 and was interrogated by the disfunction that connected his assets price Rs 385 large integer, describing them as “proceeds of crime”. The disfunction has currently filed associate attractiveness during a bid to divest Saxena of his authority standing for allegedly not absolutely revealing the facts of the case.

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While attaching his assets, together with a villa in metropolis and 5 Swiss Bank accounts, the disfunction claimed: “Rajiv Saxena has admitted to washing the yield of crime not solely of AgustaWestland deal however additionally varied different defence deals.”

In the over one,000 pages of interrogation reports, accessed by The Indian specific, Saxena repeatedly claimed that until the probe began, he was unaware that funds pose by him or routed to him by defence dealer Sushen Mohan Gupta, and Ratul Puri, kinsman of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, and advocate Gautam Khaitan were connected to payoffs within the AgustaWestland deal.
But Saxena did tell his disfunction interrogators concerning associate tried concealing once the AgustaWestland probe began.

During questioning on August eighteen, 2019, Saxena delineate however, following the arrest of his better half Shivani Saxena by the disfunction in Gregorian calendar month 2017, he control discussions with Ratul Puri “regarding the requirement to transfer the possession of (his company) Matrix rising Infrastructure Fund Ltd”. He claimed Puri united with this call and consequently, a brand new company, Arboles, was incorporated by his workplace.

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The shareholders of this new entity were 2 personal trainers of Saxena United Nations agency he additionally same were shut friends. “The shares of Matrix rising Infrastructure Fund control by Matrix cluster (his flagship company) were transferred to the current fresh shaped company, M/s Arboles Investments Ltd. No thought was changed throughout this transfer of shares because the useful owner remained Ratul Puri,” Saxena told disfunction.

He same lawyers had “pressured” him to solely answer disfunction queries on the AgustaWestland deal and zip else. He claimed Puri associated an controller additionally visited him in metropolis for this purpose. “The specific purpose of them visiting ME was as a result of i used to be insistence that Ratul Puri clarifies the remittances received in my firms, Eurotrade, Pacific International FZC, Midas Metals International and Metolix restricted from world Services on his account as i used to be being questioned by the board of directors concerning these transactions,” he said.

According to Saxena, Puri at the start denied exploitation world Services FZE to send these remittances to him however once “confronted” by his controller with documentary proof, he conceded that “these transactions are disbursed by his banking industry operators. He (Puri) additionally directed ME to not disclose identical to the social control Directorate”.

Saxena has handed over voluminous documents to the disfunction — the topic list alone runs into ten pages and explains why he was given authority standing by the agency.

For instance, there ar checking account details and bank statements of dozens of offshore firms, several of that figure within the AgustaWestland investigation. different documents embrace notes on payments to Gautam Khaitan; the list of purchasers of Khaitan; copies of agreements between UHY Saxena (Saxena’s company) with Thales of Miletus International; documents for transfer of shares of celestial body Holdings to Saxena); diaries and written notes of Sushen Mohan Gupta showing payments to IDS and Interstellar; IDS statement of accounts signed by Gupta showing receipts and payments; details of remittances received from world Services FZE.

The details submitted additionally embrace statements of supplementary credit cards that Saxena got issued from his bankers in Switzerland for the “personal expenses” of Ratul Puri. The documents contain queries raised by the bank, Coutts & Co, on giant transactions they thought of “dubious”.

During his interrogation, Saxena told the ED: “Ratul Puri had this card issued by me in his name to avoid speech act of those expenses in Asian nation. Funding for these prices incurred by him would be remunerated by remittances through third parties.”

Interrogation transcripts additionally reveal the character of the findings throughout associate disfunction search of the premises of Niamat Bakshi, shut confidant of Ratul Puri, on September seven, 2019. Email dumps recovered throughout the search had not been submitted by Saxena to the disfunction.

Questioned concerning transactions in these, Saxena admitted to the existence of many different offshore entities that he had been “managing” for Puri as useful Owner. He named the businesses as Continental Administration Services Ltd; Technic Trade; Maxima software system Pvt Ltd; Questside Management Limited; Bronson money Iraqi National Congress.

There are over two hundred pages of details associated agreements on the transfer of registered possession of an umbrella of offshore firms, largely incorporated in Mauritius, with the name of Pangaea to it of a Saxena company. This was as a result of nation campaigner stockholder of the entity had passed on to the great beyond and Saxena was asked to try to to a “holding operation’’ on behalf of Puri and his family.

Saxena told the disfunction that the entities concerned within the transfer of Pangaea registered possession were Mountwood Foundation, Simlane Foundation, chemist Ventures restricted, Techstone restricted, Hendon world restricted and Bronson money Services. Email exchanges for transfers to a number of these entities were those found throughout the disfunction search of Niamat Bakshi’s premises.


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