A Great Initiative Taken By Ambica Steels Limited on World Environment Day, 2020

A Great Initiative Taken By Ambica Steels Limited on World Environment Day, 2020

GHAZIABAD, India, July 25,2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ambica Steels Limited, one of the most excellent Indian Steel companies plus features a charity device to send food to the needy individual during the lockdown. During a lockdown, lots of people are unable to get food. Because of the loss of livelihood of individuals interested in numerous tasks, they are affected by starvation. They can’t feed the families theirs. Ambica Steel Limited has, at this moment, been in demand to feed needy people by distributing foods for them.

World Environment Day is considered the most renowned morning for environmental action. Since 1974, Ambica Steels has celebrated every year on 5 June, engaging citizens, celebrities, businesses, and governments to focus the efforts of theirs on a pressing environmental concern.

The beginning of the World Environment day was determined throughout the United Nations Conference along with the Human Environment, which resulted in the development of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Its goal is to encourage worldwide action and awareness for the safety of our environment. Since right from the start, this particular event has created a global platform for raising awareness and also taking action.

It’s celebrated to effectively get carbon neutrality, focusing on forest management, lowering greenhouse consequences, promoting biofuels production by growing on degraded lands. Utilization of hydropower to enhance electrical energy generation, encourage the wider public to utilize solar water heating units, energy generation through solar sources, building brand new drainage systems, advertising coral reefs, and mangroves restoration to prevent flooding and erosion including other ways of environmental preservation.

Ambica Steels also celebrates this system broadly with their employees, staff, and guests. They conducted an essential event for a tree plantation plan at their Production Unit 1 & 2; hence it became a grand moment of this particular event. Numerous environmental awareness programs were organised by Ambica Steels Limited on the celebration of World Environment Day.

Ambica Steels Limited believe that; when we conserve nature, then only we can protect ourselves.

About Ambica Steels Limited

Ambica is a fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturer headquartered in New Delhi, India and was established in the year 1970. Ambica produces some special grades in stainless steel industry.

Ambica’s standard grades of production includes Austenitics (303, 304/L, 316/L, 321, 316Ti etc), Martensitics & Ferritics (410,416,420A/B/C,430/F,431 etc). Also, Ambica specializes in grades like Duplex steels (F51 /2205 / 1.4462) and Precipitation Hardened (17-4PH, 1.4542, 15/5PH also as per AMS specifications for the Aerospace Industry). Ambica is presently exporting these materials to around 56 countries worldwide.

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