80-year-old buys 80th Porsche, brand loyalty underlines his mammoth garage

80-year-old buys 80th Porsche, brand loyalty underlines his mammoth garage

80 is simply variety unless it’s your age and additionally the quantity of Porsche cars one has closely-held over the years. Meet Ottocar J, a resident of Austrian capital WHO recently bought a Boxster Spyder in an exceedingly gleaming blue color to finish eighty Porsche cars purchased over the past many decades. At associate degree age once most would favor a chair, smoke in hand, Ottocar is quite content driving around in his Porsche cars, steering in hand, open roads ahead.

If somebody ever decides to make a listing of Porsche fans, his name could be at the terribly, very top.

Ottocar says his passion for Porsche started nearly fifty years agone once one such automotive flew past him. because the cars raced past, one thing stirred deep at intervals him. Over ensuing few years, he started saving cash and eventually bought a 911 E in Speed Yellow. this could be the primary of the many, more to return.

The subsequent decades saw Ottocar add a 917, a 910 with a rare eight-cylinder engine, a 904 with its original Fuhrmann engine and a 956. In all, he purchased as several as eighty Porsche cars and presently owns thirty eight. “I will drive a unique one each day for a month – and 2 at the weekends,” he says.

When one is as captivated with cars as Ottocar is, the alleged garage appearance higher than an opulent residence.
The passion, of course, isn’t simply in getting these vehicles however in driving them and once not on the move, having a correct garage. Or during this specific case, a whole building. Yes, Ottocar designed a separate building for his Porsche cars and calls it his ‘living area.’ All members of his Porsche assortment area unit displayed here, plus a toy search, associate degree antiques store and a cinema screen too. wherever one would generally expect paintings, Ottocar has posters from races and also the decoration is completed with various elements, trophies and mementos.

The Porsche cars area unit lined informed each side and there is exactitude here too. On the left area unit athletics cars, ordered in ascending format whereas the correct aspect begins with a Jagdwagen vehicle, associate degree early 356 car with bent screen, so many early 911, 911 RS 2.7, and a row of 930 Turbo.

But a Porsche is supposed to be driven, not simply showcased.

As such, Ottocar is usually out and concerning with a number of his cars. will he have a favorite among these? He will not say he will however will admit that the sort 981 Boxster Spyder is taken out quite others. ““The sound, however it drives, its suspension, everything that it will – it’s the sole one in all my road-legal Porsche that jogs my memory of my 910,” he says.

The Austrian is, therefore, clearly enamoured by Porsche cars however will admit that these beauties area unit simply machines unless given a person’s bit. “Without the individuals, the cars area unit simply cars. it’s people that breathe life into them,” he says.


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